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Will Lenssen ,
Sales Representative

Call me about the following Services:    

* Buyer's Home Warranty may be offered upon successful completion of a Sale. Who else offers that? A Warranty for one full year at no cost to you as a Buyer or to someone who needs that little incentive to buy your home. It is a warranty on such things as appliances. Call or email for details.

* A Multi-Phase Comparative Market Valuation (CMV) of your home. Many agents just use one method of providing you with information. I provide three upon request; namely, many simply compare homes with similar features. The Multi-Prong approach addresses Home Valuations with more input and perspective and helps you have more information to make a decision on your property listing value. It's so unique to the industry. Contact me to find out what it's all about.

* How do YOU decide on a Listing or Offer Price? Ask me about my Multi-Prong concepts on how a family puts a price on its home. Why do dads, moms and siblings do it differently? Values have different sources and perceptions. Call me to find out more.

* We have all heard about what Listing Representatives can do for you. How are my services different? Are the services described in detail? And what if you are a Buyer? Ask a Real Estate Representative what s/he specifically will do for you. I have a 20-Point Promise Contract for you as Buyer and another one for you as Seller that you should see.

* Your listing would get the maximum Digital Internet Marketing possible. This goes well beyond the www.realtor.ca (also known as www.MLS.ca ) and the www.homelife.ca web sites. This also goes beyond your popular internet ad sites. My network includes more. Ask me about them, including the use of social media.

* Ask me about my Commission Chart. It has some standard information but it can also be customized. I'll provide you with various scenarios. One thing is for sure - you get what you pay for; you also don't know what you are missing unless you reach out and ask.

* Enter our HomeLife Sweepstakes. It's free with no obligation - and you may just win that big prize! Enter right now by going to the main page on this web site.

* Special Offers at the Brick will help you furnish that special home you just bought! 

* Various professionals are part of my Team. Need help with finances? Legal services? Moving? School information? I can offer referrals to you. Let's talk! 

* Looking for a home but don't have time or the energy? Let me help by providing you with a 24/7 web based search service. It is a secure gateway and specific to the search criteria you provide me with. It will come via your email wherever you have internet access.

* Did you know that you can get to my web site via www.guelphwellingtonrealestate.com or via www.willen2sell.com ? Either web address will get you to the same site.
On this web site and the aforementioned, you will find Real Estate information that will be helpful. You can also use the Mortgage Guides and Calculator as preliminary tools in your Real Estate decisions. On that note, always seek professional advice and services prior to and during any Real Estate transaction.

* I have a Real Estate Group on "LinkedIn" (www.linkedin.com) , a business networking site. You can also find me on the Social Network "Facebook" (www.facebook.com) and "Twitter" (https://twitter.com/#!/wlenssen). Join these business social networking sites.

Is there more? Smile

* I offer to give to the Charity or Non-Profit Organization of Choice. I believe in giving back. I will offer a mutually agreed percentage of my commission upon the successful completion of the sale or purchase of your home to the Charity or Non-Profit Organization of your Choice. That could be a minor sports club, a church group or an International non-profit charity. Let's talk - and then act - for Charity.

* Jerome the Gnome, our HomeLife Mascot, is available free of charge to your non-profit event. With a foundation of Childrens' Rights, Jerome is there when you request him. He adds fun and excitement to any event such as Birthdays; Picnics; Church Bazaars; Skating Parties; Special Olympic or Minor Sports Events. Just call me to find out more!

Did I mention my HomeLife Teams at the  Local, Provincial and National and International levels? Did I mention my on going Professional Development that helps me serve you better?   

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For Additional information: Please contact me at 519-830-4799

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